My tenure at RS&H was severely affected by the COVID pandemic. I mention this because, as architects, it our responsibility (and within our capabilities) to create humanistic solutions for such events. This obviously does not mean architects developed the cure, but we can aid in improving the world in addressing logistical and even psychological conditions as we entered, endured, and will eventually exit quarantine.
Among the issues that most concerned the firm was to find new and hospitable strategies to maintain productivity and client interactions in a time of social distancing. I proposed and implemented a number of these strategies. Our primary tools were initially Mural (essentially a virtual pin-up board), Zoom, and BIM 360. Practices were evidently more impactful than mere tools, however. With a new world came new concerns and workflows. I was especially involved in modifying design charrettes for airport projects (Melbourne, Reno, and Palm Beach). As with any project, each member of the team had specific and defined roles. Among them were the main presenters, those who created and groomed Mural boards, organized polls and questionnaires in real time, answered client questions as they came. Each subject matter expert had an appropriate time to speak, and summaries were held and recorded for posterity.

The following materials demonstrate a range of my contributions to RS&H; this collection is not exhaustive.

RNO Ticketing Lobby conceptual render, demonstrating influences that provide ambience and organization

Melbourne Int'l Airport conceptual section demonstrating influences in form for a "mid-mod" scheme (1 of 3)


these renders are from the Palm Beach Int'l Airport submittal for the AIA Florida design awards.

movement diagrams for ticketing lobby expansion of RNO airport. The left-most image examines major points of congestion and proposes a strategy to control the flow of people. The second maps the various paths a party may take depending on size of party, demographic, etc.

VyStar bank pursuit in Florida. "Jellyfish" diagram indicating relationships between programmatic elements.

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